Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Leave in Conditioner for Curly Hair - Bumble and Bumble

Curly hair  can be a nightmare if not maintained ... If I do not brush it enough  my hair starts to resemble dreadlocks - I kid you not.  I end up in all sorts of trouble especially if it's been slept on!  So as I said brush brush brush!

I don't often use a leave in conditioner but I have found one product that I can recommend!
Bumble and  Bumble ( such a cute name!)

This link goes straight to the curly section.
Look out for the ' Curl Conscious Defining Creme '
At this moment in time the website states this product is sold out! - I'm not surprised!
When using this product my curls really do look a lot more defined ( in a good way ) and feels super soft!

I've actually ran out of mine ( hence no photo)  and the bottle has gone with the bin man already, its on my list of re- buys!
It's priced at around £21.00 it's good for coloured hair too! - yey!
Also sold at Amazon Space N.K and John Lewis.

I haven't tried the rest of of the curly products but I am keen to!  Has anyone else tried the Bumble and Bumble range and can recommend anything?  Or any other curly products?  Please let me know as I would love to hear!/read about it!

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